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"Everything happens for a reason" (2007)
P&C Tzvetelina Music

01. Birthday
02. I Want To Fall In Love (feat. DJ Nicky Genov)
03. Where Am I To Go
04. Leave Me In My Sleep
05. Mask Of Sorrow
06. It’s Too Late (duet with Sasho Roman)
07. Chalga To The Max (feat. DJ Nicky Genov)
08. My Body Is Here But My Mind Is Elsewhere
09. Letter From Abroad
10. Memories(duet with Sasho Roman)
11. A Day Too Late For The Fair (feat. DJ Nicky Genov)
12. I Hate You
13. Supersonic Love
14. Where Am I To Go (instrumental)
15. Birthday (instrumental)
16. It’s Too Late (instrumental)
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